"We offer Public speaking solutions, customized Healing, Empowerment Coaching and Counseling solutions to the masses. "



We work diligently to identify the root causes of our clients' problems, and then employee Life Leadership Principles, and the magical tools of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique,) Ho'oponopono, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), The Sedona Method, and Energy Healing if required, to help them tap into their infinite GOOD and live life on their terms.

Tap The Good


Corporations Speaking topics

  • Organizational Leadership 
  • Women Leadership
  • Managing Change
  • Building and Maintaining Successful Business Relationships.

​Fees  range between $1750/hr to $10,000 depending on region, travel requirements and other related logistics.  

​Please click HERE to access some of my speaker's recommendations and ratings. 

Life Coaching Solutions:

  • Tapping into your Infinite Good - A Core Life Changing Program that covers: Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility; Self-Completeness; Life Purpose;  Counseling for Transpersonal Relationships; Family Counseling; Recovery from Co-dependence in Addiction-based relationships; Assault / Abuse Spiritual Counseling; Emotional Release and Mind Empowerment.

​These are HARD CORE 30-60 days Life Coaching Boot Camps. Consider them Life Re-booting Camps.

  • The 14 days Love Liberation Boot Camp:

​In these sessions you will benefit the following: 

              - Cleanse your chakras
​​              - Release negative self-limiting beliefs and past traumas about love
              - Instill a new sense of self-love and self-acceptance
              - Raise your vibration to attract love. 


Price - $1050

  • Tapping into Creativity and Abundance  with EFT and Ho'oponopono         This is a 6 Weeks' Coaching Program where you will achieve the following:
​                - Discover what is blocking you
                - Release old paradigms about money
                - Release your resistance to Creativity, money and abundance.
                - Evaluate your personal Skills through the SWOT technique
                - Design a Plan for creativity and Action
                - Raise your Vibration to attract abundance. 


Price - $1550

Techniques employed - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Ho'oponopono, Holistic Life Coaching, NLP, The Life Leadership Paragon (IHMS founded) The Sedona Method, The Work  by katie Byron, and Energy healing)

Contact me at 818-8621182 or author@tapthegood.com for prices and payment plans.

We also offer discounts for  those with financial difficulties.

Professional Speaking, and coaching topics:

  • How to develop and maintain impeccable Self-acceptance Through Self-esteem and Self-love
  • Spice It Up - Becoming a SEX CEO on a Spiritual Level - (How to become a boy/girlfriend again by re-igniting one's youthfulness to elevate their sex lives. 
  • Recovery from Addiction-based co-dependence
  • Family / Relationships Counseling 
  • Building Self-esteem for Teenagers 
  • Healing Abuse, Exploitation and Sex Assault
  • Empowerment through Forgiveness and Self-love
  • How to excel, and profit from Print/electronic Communication.
  • How to excel at Business, Career and Personal relationships. 

​Prices range between $500 and $5000 depending on region, flying costs and/or lodging logistics.

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Please contact me for price quotes and if in need of free inspirational speeches. 
Email: author@tapthegood.com


Newly released!!

(1) A must-have book for all, titled: - Becoming a SEX CEO on a Spiritual Level. (A contemporary guide for Establishing, Maximizing and Maintaining a Blazing Sexual Connection based on Love)

Please note: Chapter 3 in this book will blow your mind regardless of how skeptical, reserved, open-minded or not you are!!

Click on this link for the kindle version of the book:

To access the press release, please click on this link

Contact me for my lecture on: SPICE IT UP: How to Become a Girl/Boy friend again in order to tap into your youthfulness and ignite your sex/love life.

Introducing the Global annual Worry-free day.

March 1st: 7.00 a.m. - 7.00 .m. 

Join the world as we participate in this global worry-fast. 

Tapping into Your Infinite Good - An Intensive Life Coaching Program. 

Business Related Coaching Solutions:

Click here to check out The Business Healing Boot Camp- a revolutionary healing boot camp for struggling businesses. 

The business includes evaluating the following aspects of the business:

  • Employee goal setting and motivation
  • Reward Structures
  • Leadership and Cultural Structures
  • Change Management Structures
  • Business Goals

​**Prices range from $500 to $10,000 depending on the size of the business. 


"Jacinta Mariah is both an exceptionally insightful life coach,and an incredible spiritual teacher. I was her one of her mentors. But as it turned out, she become mine. This young lady is a gift to Humanity. She gave me insight in what was attacking my spiritual practice and recommended a strategy that changed my life." Lt. Margarrett Mary Rose, of Earth Mother and Father Foundation Sedona. 10/20/2013

​"I met Jacinta by mistake at the Grand Canyon, Pheonix. When I signed up for her life coaching and healing program, I saw changes the first day. I'm a realtor who was struggling. After a week of working with her, I got three listings. At the moment, my biggest problem are so many listings to handle. Thank you Jacinta for helping me heal my life."  Mellisa B, Pheonix

"I attended a weekend of healing workshops administered by Mariah. I left renewed and inspired. She reached out and supported even after our sessions. This young lady has incredible customer service. She followed up with me until I saw results."  Ezilla Camal, Los Angeles, CA 03/14/2014

"My marriage was in shambles. I was basically going through hell. I didn't have a job. I was at the verge of getting a divorce. After working with Jacinta for a week, I was able to let go of the self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs and designed a plan for my business. By the end of the 2nd week, my husband was treating me better. Today, I have a flourishing Photography business. All sessions were online. I have never met Jacinta in person. But she changed and healed my life."  Amal Junjo, Canada

"When I found Jacinta, I couldn't find love. I had been single for 10 years. She used Energy Kinesiology to identify what was blocking me. And she then she worked with me tenderly and with a lot of love and I let the resentment and angry go. Today I'm happily married to my soul mate. Thank you Jacinta for your gift of love." Anna Commen, Philedephia, U.S.A.  7/16/2014

" Thank you so much from the bottom of heart for helping me recover from co-dependence on alcoholic relationships. I had attracted alcoholics all my life. Thank you for helping my mother and sister as well. We appreciate and love you."  The Madolenna family - Stamford, London, UK, 7/18/2014

"By the time I found Jacenta, I was just about to give up on life. This young lady took me on with so much passion, love and helped me come out of a very dark place. She also helped me compile a business plan for a business idea that I had slept on for months. She advised me about how to raise the start-up money; she followed through. Now my business is up and running.

Jacenta called when she was promised to. She even remembered my child's birthday when it came; a day that my child's father forgets every year. Jacenta is true healer. I highly recommend this young healer."  Fabiola Jenore, Miami Florida, 8/1/2014