As an Author, my purpose is to write books, articles and blogs to heal, inspire, and empower others on a perpetual basis.  





 As a Spiritual  Healing Facilitator, I deal with clients to identify the root causes of their mind and psychological related challenges and then develop customized healing solutions.

Creating change


As a Change Agent, I administer "Play-Shops" and training to facilitate positive change in others, and hopefully, the world eventually.

Tap The Good


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Healing and life-coaching programs:


Business Healing Boot Camp:

(30 days program depending on  the situation on ground and type of business)

Employing the magical tools of Ho'oponopono, NLP, Scent Therapy, the energy-vibration gauging technique, and the Sedona Method, I investigate the business space, employees' subconscious beliefs, and the business owner's unconscious beliefs in relations to the business goals. 

Based on my findings, I then develop a spiritual success strategy for all the major business resources including space, websites, employees and especially the business owner. 

Click here for more details or check out www.businesshealingbootcamp.com. 

The 14 days Love Liberation Boot Camp:

In this program, I will work with you to establish your subconscious love-related blockages, including childhood issues, family ties, negative karma, and then employ the magical tools of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Ho'oponopono, EFT, Theta Healing and Reiki, to formulate a healing program to help you develop impeccable self-confidence, self-love, and then magnetize love. Results are guaranteed. 

Contact me at 818-8621182 or author@tapthegood.com for prices and payment plans.

We also offer discounts for financially stricken clients. 

Tap into your Infinite Good

life coaching  program:

In this program, we shall work together to establish what spiritual, mental, and emotional blockages could be hindering you from achieving your goals. 

In this program you will benefit the following:

- Identify the root causes of self-limiting beliefs, karmic codes, and    subconscious-mind blockages

- Establish what is blocking you

- Establish the emotions around your mental and emotional blockages

- Let go in order to clear the pathway to success

- Establish new inspired goals.

- Set your mind for absolute success using the IOM mind re-boot model. 

Contact me for prices and payment plans at 818-862 1182 or send an email at author@tapthegood.com. 

For speaking engagements, Empowerment and healing workshops / seminars:

Qualified Speaker - District 52 toastmasters' Speakers Bureau Link:


Professional Speaking topics:


- Women in the Workplace

- Mindset Reboot for Success

​- Customer Relationship Management

​- Work-life Balance

- Building Self-esteem for Teenage Girls

​- Healing Abuse, Exploitation and Sex Assault

​- Empowerment through Forgiveness and Self-love

- How to excel, and profit from Print/electronic Communication.

- How to excel at Business, Career and Personal relationships. 

Please contact me for price quotes and if in need of free inspirational speeches. 
Email: author@tapthegood.com


Newly released!!

(1) A must-have book for all, titled: - Becoming a SEX CEO on a Spiritual Level. (A contemporary guide for Establishing, Maximizing and Maintaining a Blazing Sexual Connection based on Love)

Please note: Chapter 3 in this book will blow your mind regardless of how skeptical, reserved, open-minded or not you are!!



Click on this link for the kindle version of the book:

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Introducing the Global annual Worry-free day.

March 1st: 7.00 a.m. - 7.00 .m. 

Join the world as we participate in this global worry-fast. 

Tapping into Your Infinite Good!